Photo Annual Contest Awards was established to promote contemporary photographic autentic work. It is particularly focused on the visual arts based on the deep inner tensions, and contains non-trivial story of human existence.

The competition is announced in three categories, even though it may indeed be linked:

(E) MOTIONS - category Fine Art, Portraiture, Abstract, etc. 
- single Entry
- series 
- wedding single

(M) OTIONS - category Photojournalism, Documentary, Sport, etc. 
- single Entry
- series 

(O) CEANS - category Nature, Landscapes, Animals, etc. 
- single Entry
- series

The competition is open to all photographers from around the world.

Director of  Photo Annual Contest Awards  is Radek Burda (, winner of several international photographic prizes and editor in-chief in Art Photo Magazine (

Enjoy victory in our contest.
The jury panel promise to be tough and uncompromising.

Remember Date!  ___   May 30, 2015  

Opening Ceremony&Wall Gallery
Teplice Spa 

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