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01 Untitled : In the North Sea, about 70 kilometres from the German coastline, lies Heligoland. The small Island spans a mere 1.7 km in diameter, with only 1200 inhabitants. Because of the island's remote location, the choice to leave it behind is never taken lightly.
01 Untitled
02 Untitled : The project explores the contrasts and similarities between the migratory people and birds of Heligoland, and focuses on the inevitable choices every islander comes to face.
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03 Untitled : Spectators during a local football match
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04 Untitled : The island was the first place on earth to be the focus of systematic studies on bird migration and serves as a breeding ground of close to 400 bird species. The combination between the island's location and weather conditions causes significant variations in local bird population throughout the year.
04 Untitled
05 Kevin : The Krebs family owns the oldest disco in Germany, a restaurant and a café. Kevin's father is the owner of the café. His parents divorced 10 years ago but live barely fifteen meters apart. Being 22 years old, Kevin is the oldest, he has two brothers aged 15 and 18. 'I got my hospitality degree on the mainland and returned to work at the café for my parents. When my dad retires I will take over the café.' His girlfriend lives in Hamburg and travels to the island every couple of weeks. His brothers don't seem to share the ambition to stay on the Island. Despite their parent's divorce and his dad having a new girlfriend, their parents still work at the café together.
05 Kevin
06 Untitled :
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07 Eschi :
07 Eschi
08 Untitled :
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09 Jim : We are at the very south of the island where there is a small industrial area, the bakery that Conny told us about is also also here. It doesn't look like a place people would buy something. A bit further down there is a big platform and a hangar, it's currently empty. 'This is where my dad works.' Jim tells me. 'He told me for every hour a chopper spends in the air, they spend 20.000 bucks'. We walk alongside the platform and pass the hanger. On the opposite side there's a lot of old boats and electric cars. None of it seems useable anymore. We come to a long concrete wall and walk along side it. A splash of water finds is way over the top. Halfway the concrete floor changes into a small beach. 'A few years ago a during a storm one big container ship lost some of it's containers, one of them was filled with shoes.' There's some dead birds on the beach along with a single Tommy Hilfiger shoe. 'Momo walked off with two bags full back then'.
09 Jim
10 Untitled : The many boats that can be found scatters over the land tend symbolize the immobility of the people wanting to move but are not able to leave the island behind. They are stuck in the ground and their sails are not catching any wind.
10 Untitled

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