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01.- The Corner : A gang member controls the alley where his gang sells the drugs in and posses with a revolver that is classic for this gang due to the years that have been in their hands.
01.- The Corner
02.- View of Caracas. : View of Caracas from its north-west neighborhood of Carapita. Venezuelan capital have become one of the most dangerous cities in the world with more than 4.000 homicides per year for less than 5 millions inhabitants.
02.- View of Caracas.
03.- Moto Stunts : Motorcycle stunts perform in the middle of the street in "El Valle". Motorcycles are some of the most coveted objects and their robbery is at the origin of many murders every week.
03.- Moto Stunts
04.- Drawing violence. : In the outskirts of Caracas at a government workshop about violence and crime, a young kid draws daily scenes of violences in his community. The age of entry in crime life is dropping and there are more and more cases involving young boys of 12 or 13 years old.
04.- Drawing violence.
05.- The meeting : A meeting between hiphop artists and gangs members. Some hiphop artists come from the very same slums and live the same violent life and are some of the very few "members" of society that are in contact with all sides of the conflict.
05.- The meeting
06.- Prisoner's Mothers : Relatives of "El Rodeo" prison inmates rally in front of Ministry of Internal Affairs to protest for the living conditions of the prisoners. Due to corruption and lack of a solid penitentiary system the inmates have to organize by themself the basic needs of daily life. Also many mafias have taken place organizing drugs traffic, weapons smuggling and kidnappings inside and outside of the jails.
06.- Prisoner's Mothers
07.- The raid : Police officers raids an slum in Petare area, one of the most dangerous places in Caracas, looking for the material authors of 2 murders commited in the area earlier that day. These raids are at the origin of many fatal crossed-fires where innocents get trapped.
07.- The raid
09.- "La Fiesta" : At a concert a singer waves his gun and shot in the air to motivates the public. NGO's and government estimate in more than 6 millions the fire arms in hands of civilian population.
09.- "La Fiesta"
09.- The last night. : Doctors examine a radiography to see the level of damage in patient Joel Pena, 18 years old, caused by a shot in the head while a fight took place in a party, Joel died a few hours later. Around 50 persons are killed every weekend in Caracas, 90% of those victims by fire arms.
09.- The last night.
10.- Candles for the fallen. : A mother of an inmate of "El Rodeo" prison light a candle at a vigil to mourn the prisoners killed during the prison crisis. In june 2011 more than 80 inmates died in confrontations between militar forces and prisoners, inmates resisted for weeks with their own arsenal of machine guns and pistols.
10.- Candles for the fallen.

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