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Destiny1 : Mr. Nguyen Duc Huy was born in 1931(retired in 1998), Major-General, power of Commander of Military Zone 2, Vietnam. Year of 1948 he joined the Army at the age of 17, changed many loctions where he was garrisioned troops. He has undergone many  major battles of the wars against the French, American and Chinese, from Dien Bien Phu to Khe Sanh….  Outwardly, he smiles, cheerful and optimistic. But inside is a thinking man always.  I came his house many times, went  with him a few trip,  took him photographs at the different states and talked to him many times. He told me about  fierce battles…. Memory of the old man 80 years old is still exellent. Battles at Quang Tri in 1972, Thua Thien-Hue 1975…. Battle of wiping out battalion 6 warlike marines of Sai Gon Army at the North of Thach Han river- Quang Tri province, he was complimented telegram by Top- Ranking General Vo Nguyen Giap. May see his achivement in the war  through tens of medal, types of medals pinned to the breast of...
Destiny2 : General Huy and picture taken in 1964 for  the two-year anniversary of their  wedding day. 50 years as husband and wife, but all the time the two were together only one year. In war, General Huy away from home to fight the battle. Peacetime, Huy retired generals still like to go away, to visit teammate, former battlefields ...Taken at his home, 11. 2014.
Destiny3 : In the bedroom of General Huy and his wife (Mrs Minh Thuan). Taken at his home, 11. 2014.
Destiny4 : Book titled “Valley Vets II – an oral history” by author William L.Adam (USA) kept a chapter to write about General Huy. William L.Adam use word “Sofisticated” for General Huy. Taken at his home, 8.2009.
Destiny5 : General Huy is  at the Museum of Military History.  Be patient and wait for the opportunity, I shoot General Huy from this angle. The feeling of smallness and insecurity. Taken at the Museum of Military History,1.2010.
Destiny6 : General Huy always conscious wellness. He spends time each day to exercise. But he feels that the time has passed, the implementation of all the exercises more difficult. Taken at his home, 10. 2014.
Destiny7 : General Huy in ceremonial dress with fully medals in occasion of 65 years of establishing Vietnamese People’s Army (22.12.1944 – 22.12.2009). Taken at his home, 12. 2009.
Destiny8 : General Huy in the his bath room. Sometimes,  he could not clearly see  his face in the mirror. Taken at his home, 9. 2014.
Destiny9 : There are times, he felt sad because the country is now very different from the old days. Corruption is everywhere, from small level to big level. He felt the blood and bones of the old teammates wasted. Taken at his home, 2. 2013.

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