Who can enter the competition?
Photo Annual Awards is open to professional and amateur photographers from any country in the World.

What is an entry?
An entry consists of one image. One image can be single photo or a part of series. Each entry costs 3 EUR (from Feb 28 fee is 5 EUR)

How should I prepare my images for digital upload? What file format?
You should submit JPEG images - at least 1,000 pixels (long dimension) and 72 DPI.
For each category can be recorded
up to 10 photos, so if you want to record more then one series in one category, you must series divide so that the sum is ten.

Are there any guidelines to submit the image caption?
- Do not use all upper case.
- Do not list any caption over forty words.
- Check your spelling, facts and grammar, please take care with your captions.
- If you are uploading more then one winning image, be clear in your captions. First discribe the image, then write the caption for that specific photo.

Is there a limit to the number of photos or categories that I can enter?

Max 10 photos per one category.

What is a series?
A series includes multiple images that make up a cohesive related theme or story.

How many images are allowed in a series?
We allow 2-10 images per series.

Do you accept digitally manipulated images?
Digitally manipulated images are accepted. Not in documentary series.

Can I enter one photograph into multiple categories?
Yes, you may enter the same photograph into as many categories as you want.

Will there be online winners in each category?
Yes, PhotoAnnualAwards will awards multiple publication online in every category. All winners and their photos can show off on Final Wall Gallery Exhibition.

When will the winners be announced?
We will contact all winners in May 2015. We will publish the winning entries as soon as possible. 

Please do not call us regarding the status of your entry, if you are selected, we will contact you by e-email.

Mailing address:

Photo Annual Awards
c/o Radek Burda
Obloukova 218,
Ohrobec, Czech republic, 252 45.

When starts the show in Teplice?
At Saturday, May 30. Every year you can see more then 50 XXL panels 
100'' x 50'' with more then 400 winning photos.

Can I pay by check?
No, only paypal.

What is the Copyright policy & How can PAA use my photographs?
The photographer always retain the copyright of his/her image. PAA has the right to use your submitted photographs for marketing and promotional purposes directly related to PAA only.

Do you still have questions?
For additional questions contact us.


Remember Date!  ___   May 30, 2015  

Opening Ceremony&Wall Gallery
Teplice Spa 

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