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Another Betrayal : Fakir kicks his former acquaintances shirt into an open sewage drain. Pakori, his former friend, stole money from Fakir’s road side food stall the evening before.
Another Betrayal
Barely Earning : Fakir is calling for customers to visit his road side stall. He doesn’t want to take on any other work since he enjoys being his own boss, spending the day working on his own and talking to customers.
Barely Earning
Fading Memories : Fakir, 30, stands in front of a mirror while a picture of him, taken years before, is mounted to a wall of his room. Before a heroin addict he is now addicted to injecting pharmaceuticals since many over two years.
Fading Memories
False Friendship : Pakori, an acquaintance, injects while Fakir’s daughter searches for something in the cupboard drawer. This and most other relationships are based on the addiction they share and Fakir is constantly deceived by false friend, mostly about money and drugs.
False Friendship
Future Unknown : Fakir holds his son Paras who got injured as he fell on a brick. Fakir and his wife got into a bad argument since he was supposed to look for his son while she was taking care about the household.
Future Unknown
Holding On : After injecting, Fakir helps his 3 year old daughter Mania putting on her trousers. The piece of cloth which entangles his arm tight, making the injecting easier for him, seemed like an allegory for his life, a life in stagnation.
Holding On
Chopping Pork : Fakir is holding a pork head which he is about to chop into pieces that later will be cooked and fried. The little money that his roadside food stall generates is just enough to keep his family running.
Chopping Pork
Invisible Scars : Fakir prepares for one of his daily injections. “Since my mother died everything has changed to the worse. If it wasn't for my two small children, I would have committed suicide a long time ago. This damn medicine…”.
Invisible Scars
Trapped in Life : Fakirs wife is cleaning the room of the house in which Fakirs father is sleeping. She spends almost whole day long inside taking care of the children and the household and often becomes a victim of her husband’s unforeseeable moods.
Trapped in Life
Victims of Addiction : In preparation of the injection Fakir wraps a piece of cloth around his arm, his wife watching him. She knows about her husband’s problems yet she doesn’t dare to interfere. Multiple times a day he injects a mix of pharmaceuticals.
Victims of Addiction

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