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Tears of Stone II : My images try to capture the misleading form of beauty within Nature. Each shot a contemplation through silence, waiting for the very moment where the knowledge of what we have in front of our eyes shifts into something else. Reality is a lie and perception is deceiving. The state of things as they actually exist turns into a mere interpretation of what is altered around us: light, rain, snow, sun, even moods. The truth of things does not exist but in our own mind.  The portfolio was shot in Mustang, a remote region of the Nepalese Himalaya. A place where I spent my last 16 summers. A place where I have been working and where I grew up confined in the enchanted open jail of an high altitude desert.
Tears of Stone II

Remember Date!  ___   May 30, 2015  

Opening Ceremony&Wall Gallery
Teplice Spa 

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